On our team you will find some of Arkansas’ most seasoned accounting professionals, working with many of the most respected companies in Arkansas and surrounding states. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional results for you.


Karen Garrett, CPA

Gina Moran, CPA

Rami Kassissieh, CPA

Brent Sharpmack, CPA

David Smoke, CPA

Patty Heird, CPA


Dick Cisne, CPA

Roy Boyd, CPA


Lynelle Lehman, CPA

Sarah Gentry, CPA

Paul Osborn, CPA, CVA

Mark Glover, CPA


Zack Clark, CPA

Dawn Simmons, CPA

Robert Porter, CPA

Bryan Hall, CPA

Aaron Beard, CPA

Nicole Hobbs, CPA

Cathie Malcom, CPA